Monday, December 10, 2007

A Friendly Introduction

Hello, my name is John Amorison, Esq., and I'd like to welcome you to my blog. Before we get started on all the great topics I want to blog about, I wanted to take some time and describe my approach to practicing law and representing my clients. My practice could be described as a "full service" law firm. However, I believe that based upon my experience, my clients are best served by my emphasis on certain areas of the law.

Consequently, I have limited my practice to the following areas:

1. Bankruptcy Law
Chapters 7 and 13 and Adversary Actions

2. Family Law
Visitation, Custody, Name Changes, Divorce, Domestic Violence

3. Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Malpractice

4. Civil Litigation, Wrongful Termination, Discrimination

5. Wills, Trusts and Probate of Estates

6. Admirality

7. Credit Repair/ Debt Consolidation

8. Municipal Court

My philosophy in practicing law is that I am not just an attorney who handles a particular problem or performs a service for an individual or business. Rather, I consider myself as my client’s personal attorney. As such, if a problem arises, whether it large or small, I make myself available for my client.

Attorney Rating

For seven years now, I have been awarded high legal ability and very high ethical rating by Martindale-Hubbell. Martindale-Hubbell provides biographical information and a rating system about members of the legal community in the United States, Canada and worldwide. Martindale-Hubbell has been in existence for almost 130 years and is the leading attorney rating companies.

Rating reviews are initiated by Martindale-Hubbell after an attorney has been admitted for at least five years. Martindale-Hubbell solicits confidential opinions from Judges and members of the bar. Opinions are solicited via written questionnaires and oral interviews.

The rating system is divided into two sections: Legal Ability and General Ethical Standards. With regard to Legal Ability, I rated "High to Very High" legal ability. With regard to the General Ethical Standards, I rated "Very High" conduct regarding, ethics, reliability, diligence and other criteria relevant to the discharge of professional responsibilities.

I'm excited about having this new blog and my ability to connect with you, my readers, who want to know about repairing credit, divorce laws and more. Feel free to contact me here with questions that I'd be happy to answer on this blog (of course I won't mention names, etc.).

Until my next post,

John Amorison, Esq.

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